Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 ways to keep your knitting COOL this summer!

Do you knit all year long?

Yep thought so…me too!!!

It is a truth universally acknowledged, for us seriously addicted knitters, that it is never too hot to knit.

So how can you indulge in your craft so that it doesn't leave you even more hot and sweaty in our Australian summer?

Here are 5 ways for keeping your knitting COOL this summer...

1. Choose small and /or lightweight projects
    Summer is a great time to knit socks or lace - no heavy projects to sit in your lap

2. Choose "summer" yarns
    Cotton and linen are great choices for summer knitting, both for projects you can wear (summer tops      for example) and are also cooler in your hands. And sand washes out of cotton so much easier than it does out of mohair!

3. Consider modular projects
    Such as blankets made of squares - so you can make a bunch of smaller parts during summer, and  then join them all up just in time to have a new blanket for autumn or winter.

4. Keep your hands cool 
     If you suffer from sweaty hands, wash your hands in cold water regularly. Another trick is to dust your hands with talcum powder.

5. If you haven't already, try crochet! 
    From someone who is "multi-stitchual", I find crochet lends itself to summer crafting moreso than knitting - it will open up your options for modular and small projects especially. There is nothing like crocheting a Christmas snowflake to make you think it is cooler, even if you aren't!


  1. Cotton is Best for the Beach- I had wonderful Great Aunts who not only knitted beautiful Sweaters etc for my cousin and I, whilst sitting under the Umbrella, with their stockings on!
    Afternoon tea was brought down to the Beach on a Tray-somewhere there is a Photo!

  2. Should have added this was the late 1940`s in Victoria-the Great Ocean road is so different these days!

  3. Summer is sock time for me. My knitting is a well known feature on multi-family camping trips, and yes, at the beach!


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