Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 ways to keep your knitting COOL this summer!

Do you knit all year long?

Yep thought so…me too!!!

It is a truth universally acknowledged, for us seriously addicted knitters, that it is never too hot to knit.

So how can you indulge in your craft so that it doesn't leave you even more hot and sweaty in our Australian summer?

Here are 5 ways for keeping your knitting COOL this summer...

1. Choose small and /or lightweight projects
    Summer is a great time to knit socks or lace - no heavy projects to sit in your lap

2. Choose "summer" yarns
    Cotton and linen are great choices for summer knitting, both for projects you can wear (summer tops      for example) and are also cooler in your hands. And sand washes out of cotton so much easier than it does out of mohair!

3. Consider modular projects
    Such as blankets made of squares - so you can make a bunch of smaller parts during summer, and  then join them all up just in time to have a new blanket for autumn or winter.

4. Keep your hands cool 
     If you suffer from sweaty hands, wash your hands in cold water regularly. Another trick is to dust your hands with talcum powder.

5. If you haven't already, try crochet! 
    From someone who is "multi-stitchual", I find crochet lends itself to summer crafting moreso than knitting - it will open up your options for modular and small projects especially. There is nothing like crocheting a Christmas snowflake to make you think it is cooler, even if you aren't!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Have you ever wondered why LINEN is so tough?

Strong, durable and very, very tough. Linen is one of the world's most ancient fibres.

Watch this video to understand why linen has stood the test of time.

Friday, November 15, 2013

seven | debbie bliss cotton dk


seven patterns inspired by Debbie Bliss Cotton DK

1. Lindis by Amanda Scheuzger (knit)
2. Petrie by Beautia Dew (knit)
3. Twirly Girly Skirt by Elena Nodel (knit)
4. Float Vest by Robyn Chacula (crochet)

Ad because it's never too early to do some Christmas gift crafting
5. Stegs by Jennifer Thurston (knit)
6. Fiesta Tea Set by Annie Modesitt (knit)
7. Starfish Washcloth by Deja Jetmir (crochet)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

suzy hausfrau podcast | episode #13 | knitting with linen

Click below to listen directly or download and subscribe in iTunes by clicking here.

I am talking about your summer knitting projects in this week's podcast, specifically knitting with linen and cotton. My friend Jane, is chatting with me about how to best work with these great fibres, what patterns you should select and technical information such as needle selection and how to block your project.

Check out this episode!

Friday, November 8, 2013

seven | quince & co sparrow


seven patterns inspired by Quince & Co Sparrow

1. Strathcona by Jane Richmond (knit)
2. Hélène by Veronik Avery (knit)
3. Queen Anne's Shawl by Rebecca Velasquez (crochet)
4. Lineal Cardigan by HannahFettig (knit)
5. Swallowtail Cowl by Pam Allen (knit)
6. Brise Cardigan by Hannah Fettig (knit)
7. Outing Shawl by Pierrot (crochet)


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