Monday, September 21, 2009

One reason for the hiatus

One reason for my lengthy absence from la blog posting was a wonderful 7 days spent skiing with the family at Charlotte's Pass...spring skiing for those in the know can be a bit patchy, but we were absolutely stoked when it snowed for 4 days straight, which made the already pretty good spring snow perfect!

This was the view out of my bedroom window one lazy morning when it was my turn to look after the squidgets........

........and this is the result of 7 forced days of rest and relaxation.

This is the famous Tiramasu Blanket by Alicia Paulson and it is my second one, both have been gifted. I used the recommended Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton in bone, which is so soft and delicious. It's a nice easy blanket to make,and I bought enough yarn to make one for my girl-child, but I think I need a wee breather from yee-old single crochet (the American sc that is)...the pattern is a bit monotonous which was fine when my confidence was not so great, but a bit boring now...onto bigger and better things for Suzy!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blog mojo

I just had a look at how many blog posts I've been doing each month and if I was a betting kinda gal, I would expect the whole blog thing to implode somewhere around November.....but NO I don't want it to.

Yes the last couple of months I've been a bit light on posting, lots of reasons really, but mainly because daily supervision of a crawling rug-rat takes a fair bit more time than looking after a sleepy newborn. I have several projects on the go, and one completed which I will post about tomorrow.

But for today, please check out the following link . It's some gorgeous, with a capital G, snaps of moi with my family taken by the gorgeous, with a capital G, Christine of Pobke photography...we just love them!

Plus taking a stroll through Christine's blog has given me some of my blog mojo back again! See you all soon.


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