Friday, May 16, 2014

suzy hausfrau podcast | episode #19 | shopping for yarn

Shopping for yarn is fun, there is no doubt about it! But it is SO much easier if you have a plan!
In this episode of the podcast

I'm joined by my friend Jane who shares her best tips for how to get the best out of your yarn shopping experience. We give special mention to events such as markets and fairs where the choice is almost overwhelming. And no the solution is NOT to buy it all!

Please note that we experienced some technical difficulties during the recording which resulted in some fuzz throughout the episode. Apologies for this, but please do listen on as Jane has some great information and tips to share.

suzy xoxo

PS: You can listen in iTunes or directly from the player above.

Check out this episode!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

suzy hausfrau podcast | episode #18 | olgajazzy

Olga is one of today's leading knitwear designs. Her designs are featured by many great companies including Quince & Co and Brooklyn Tweed.

Olga has a unique eye with a love of texture and minimalism. Her designs will present most knitters with a new & interesting technical challenge as well as a wonderful completed garment.

I was delighted to have Olga join me on the podcast and thrilled to hear all about her career, including her many travels and how it has influenced her designs.

suzy xoxo


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