Saturday, March 27, 2010

Please Miss I need more time...

A little over a month ago Ms Buttontree Lane , Kuka and I decided to have a month dedicated to Big Girl's Blouse. A month dedicated to sewing for the errr more well endowed amongst us.

Despite the best intentions I've failed to please Miss I need more time - perhaps another month.

...and to help this whole thing along I went out this morning and purchased some fabric to go with this pattern which I intend to start TOMORROW - I promise Miss!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well it is a start...Butterick 4987

OK, OK the blog posts since my return to the paid workforce has been, well, nothing short of appalling...and I totally forgive all those readers that have given up and since departed.

Whilst it is true that:
a) I've had little time to sort out how to fit my creative fix into my daily life, and
b) My contribution to Big Girl's Blouse Month has been zip!

...there has been some sewing, albeit a few weeks back. The garment was made for my niece's wedding. When I bought a carla zampatti tuxedo about 4 years ago I tried on a cute top nearly exactly like this. After spending way too much on the suit I declined buying the top, but have always wanted to replicate it. Butterick recently discontinued the pattern which threw me into a totally tizzy, but my local Lincraft, never known for its organisation had yet to return their discontinued patterns...lucky for me.

Here is why it works so well with the suit..

...and here it is how I wore it for most of the day in balmy

The details of the pattern and alterations made will appear on the side bar in the sewing pattern review...but as discussed in an earlier post details of what I learnt from sewing this garment will be in this post, namely:
  • how to sew fine fabrics such as silk, using embroidery thread in the machine seemed to work really well
  • that I should only pretreat the fabrics (ie washing/dry cleaning) exactly the same way as I will when the garment is complete
  • that mixing and matching fabrics (I used silk satin and silk chiffon) and including unusual features such as gross grain ribbon and a mix of two different fabrics can turn a simple patterns into something more special.
So whilst this isn't a contribution for Big Girl's Blouse Month, I think that it works quite nicely on a big girl anyway.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big Girl's Blouse Month!

For the month of March, fellow sew-mad blogger Kuka and I are conducting a sew along titled - Big Girl's Blouse...and who better to be the poster girl of this said sew off, none other than the bubbliest bustiest big girl herself - Dolly!

Well, both Kuka and I share something with our poster girl - and it ain't her money, or her smile, or the penchant for surgery which the above picture seems to show so well...

This "attribute" does require some technical expertise when sewing your own garments, which is something that Kuka and I want to improve on, ergo the reason behind this month's sew along.

There is really only one criteria if you want to join us - you must be greater than a B-cup. Now for this don't blame us - the pattern companies size all patterns for the B-girl.

So come along and join us for some needle and thread!


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