Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well it is a start...Butterick 4987

OK, OK the blog posts since my return to the paid workforce has been, well, nothing short of appalling...and I totally forgive all those readers that have given up and since departed.

Whilst it is true that:
a) I've had little time to sort out how to fit my creative fix into my daily life, and
b) My contribution to Big Girl's Blouse Month has been zip!

...there has been some sewing, albeit a few weeks back. The garment was made for my niece's wedding. When I bought a carla zampatti tuxedo about 4 years ago I tried on a cute top nearly exactly like this. After spending way too much on the suit I declined buying the top, but have always wanted to replicate it. Butterick recently discontinued the pattern which threw me into a totally tizzy, but my local Lincraft, never known for its organisation had yet to return their discontinued patterns...lucky for me.

Here is why it works so well with the suit..

...and here it is how I wore it for most of the day in balmy

The details of the pattern and alterations made will appear on the side bar in the sewing pattern review...but as discussed in an earlier post details of what I learnt from sewing this garment will be in this post, namely:
  • how to sew fine fabrics such as silk, using embroidery thread in the machine seemed to work really well
  • that I should only pretreat the fabrics (ie washing/dry cleaning) exactly the same way as I will when the garment is complete
  • that mixing and matching fabrics (I used silk satin and silk chiffon) and including unusual features such as gross grain ribbon and a mix of two different fabrics can turn a simple patterns into something more special.
So whilst this isn't a contribution for Big Girl's Blouse Month, I think that it works quite nicely on a big girl anyway.


  1. Ooh! Sexy! And looks absolutely perfect with your tux. I love Carla Zampatti - so many classy and classic designs.

  2. You are so NOT a big girl (I am, so I can speak with authority :). This is a lovely look. Remember when Yves Saint Laurent died and most women attending his funeral wore trousers. You captured that easy elegance beautifully. You might enjoy the Hotpatterns tutorials on You Tube. They visually make your point that variation in materials can make an amazing difference. The summer t-shirt pattern shows this where two rows of grey knit are ruffled around the neck and a simple line of self-covered buttons stitched in the middle. I really enjoyed this post - thank you!

  3. Hi Suzy, that is one lovely top...well done to you.
    I have a little question re BWOF and your subscription. I've tried to subscribe directly, and recently received an account. I'm wondering how your paid - cheque, bank transfer, credit card. The account has very little info on how to pay, so I'd be interested to hear how you managed it.

  4. Paola, I too had a bill from Burda which made no sense...and it was all in German. I got the email address of someone from a discussion board a Marija De Sousa She asked that I email the subscription section and include my CC details which I wasn't too keen on. I faxed them instead.

  5. This is so pretty and feminine. I want a top just like it. I really like the way it looks with the combined silk chiffon and silk satin. How was it hemming the curves of the silk chiffon?

  6. Audrey, thanks for stopping by. I hemmed the chiffon with a rolled hem on my overlocker (serger). I had never done this on a sheer fabric before, but was surprised at how easy and effective it was.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog...I especially love it when I get comments. Have a great day, suzy xoxo


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