Monday, May 7, 2012

Some lace knitting and a spot of lunch


suzy hausfrau's first workshop...done, dusted and even if I say so myself a resounding success!  Thanks in no small part to the gorgeous Fiona who trekked down from Sydney especially to teach it. It is so great when you meet cyber-mates IRL, there should be more of it I say.

...and then to the participants a mix of friends and now new-to-me friends who chatted, laughed, shared and then every so often would go oh so quiet when they were counting, and re-counting  and concentrating on the stitches of their precious creations.

What did I do you say?  I had a thoroughly enjoyable time in the kitchen whipping up some lunch (full of non-kid friendly flavours and without any small squidget helpers), listening and learning and then sitting down every now and then to knit a few rows.

So to the details, firstly of the knitting.  Fiona took the group through circular cast-ons, how to read charts (the hardest first!), knitting triangular lace from the top down, provisional cast ons, loose and stretchy cast-offs...and even a lesson on how to block with welding wires - who knew?  I think everyone left the day full of inspiration and new found confidence.

IMGP1041 IMGP1039

And if you're interested in the food, here is what we ate:
  • my never-fail-me cheat lemonade scones with homemade Blackberry Jam and Cream
  • Pumpkin, goat's curd and thyme tart (Gourmet Traveller May 2012)
  • Chicken salad with black grapes, walnut and celery (Gourmet Traveller May 2012)
  • White bean salad (Gourmet Traveller May 2012)
IMGP1031 IMGP1065 IMGP1059IMGP1058 IMGP1030

...and a small ode to my mama, who inspired me to get back on this crafty wagon, was on the table - a mama-made crochet jug cover.  I know that yesterday she would have been really proud of me. xoxo


  1. Fantastic! Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks for the great day - l had such a great time- fantastic lunch and knitters

  3. I was a really wonderful day - and a brilliant chance to do something lik this in Canberra! Thanks so much for organising, hosting and cooking! That pumpkin & goats curd was AMAZING!
    Thanks! xo

  4. sounds and looks like all had a wonderful time, eating, creating, making connections... it's good to be human. i'm so proud of you too my friend. love michelle from springbrook... and what's that saying about apples and trees?

  5. I'm so sad I missed this workshop! It looks like it was lots of fun!


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