Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Persimmon dreaming


I'm up to my armpits in persimmons. Our little tree has gone from a measly two persimmons in 2011 to gluttenous bounty this year.  We have over 100 persimmons to bake, preserve, eat, share and enjoy.  It's a race against the birds though so I can't leave any on the tree for much longer.

Aren't they just gorgeous?  Look at them here styled up on the crusty old hessian bag on top of our worm farm...we're classy photographers around here. ;)

There are so many persimmons that I've been dreaming about them...seriously!  A few of my most-favourite food bloggers know just how to inspire me, so I'm off to the kitchen to do:
Have you got any persimmon favourites to share? Remember that I've got 100 persimmons so I'd love to hear about them...suzy xoxo




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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE persimmons. Stephanie Alexander's Cook's Companion lists: Green salad with P; P Coulis; P Cream; P Ice-cream; P with Orange Liqueur; P Pudding (YUM!); and Prosciutto and P. Yummo!


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