Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hemming jeans


Continuing on from yesterday's bloghonesty, I'm going to open myself up for more ridicule and admit that until recently I found the idea of hemming jeans terrifying.  Just a wee-bit ridiculous in my book for someone who can sew clothes, curtains and gifts for all and sundry.  Now even more ridiculous after rising to the challenge and finding out how easy it is...but perhaps not as ridiculous as trying to take a photo of the hem of your jeans, whilst wearing them!

I did do a bit of reading and researching, and here is my list of tips if you want to do this yourself:

  • Make sure that you use an appropriate topstitch thread.  I used the Guterman thread above.  This comes in a great range of colours so that you can match the thread easily.  By this I mean to the manufacturer's thread usually visible on the side flat-fell seams.
  • I always pin pants on both sides and check in the mirror.  I did the same for my jeans.  This is just a personal preference, but I have not had much luck with pinning on one side and measuring from it to do the other.
  • Roll your hem under once, iron and then hammer it flat...yes you read that right, use a hammer to flatten the fabric, especially where the hem will be bulky at the the inner and outer leg seam.
  • Roll your hem over again, and repeat the ironing and hammerin'
  • Stitch from the right side of the garment
  • Lengthen your stitch seam to 3.0mm
  • Use an appropriate denim/canvas needle
  • Begin each round of stitching just behind the inner seam
  • When you get to the bulky inner and outer leg seams, stop sewing and turn your needle manually.
Happy sewing,
suzy xoxo




  1. I've never heard of the hammer trick - that's ingenious!

  2. I hate hemming jeans, but I do it anyway!

    Hammering! Never heard of doing that but it make sense! I'm sold ...


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