Monday, May 21, 2012

OBDM it's a wrap!

Well it's taken me more than a day to regroup and absorb the absolutely awesome Sunday I had at the OBDM.  Wow!

How do I put into words the amazing response that I had to my little store?  And the sensational people that I met over the day. Faces to names, faces to twitter handle, faces to Ravatars...and just faces to really, really great people.  I met people from here in Canberra and customers that I have sent yarn to in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and down on the South Coast of NSW.

There are very few shots of the day that I took...this one here was taken close to 4pm and it was the first chance I got to take a shot of the setup.  I planned to do this at 9.30...but by then it was already under way.  Don't you just love my monster-sign?

 OBDM stall

After nearly an hour I thought that I would dash quickly up to grab a bag from my good friend at Buttontree Lane , but as she herself described it...the yarn-starved hordes held me back in my stall and by the time I could go the bags were all sold out. Insert massive sad face.

One of my gorgeous customers did manage to take some shots, and send me the link to her blogpost - you can read about it here.  

The BIGGEST and most MASSIVE thank you goes to my great friend Kuka , who was my...ahem...stall helper for the day (we have a more interesting description of this role usually).  I could not have done it without her.  Never, naha, not in anyway.  If I could get the blogosphere into a big round of applause right now I would. 

So that was it the OBDM - done, dusted, wrapped up - mighty succesful and spurring me on.

suzy xoxo


  1. dude! it was my pleasure!
    I had a fabulous day - so much fun meeting everyone and showing off your lovely stock!

  2. Congrats on your busy day, boo-hoo for no bag, and 'CLAP CLAP CLAP' a thunderous standing ovation for Kuka!


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