Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just helping out...destash

Holst garn banner 

A customer of mine recently contacted me about a stash of Holst Garn that she will be unable to use.   I have offered to help her out, by posting about it here on the blog.
UPDATE - a new happy home is found for the Holst!
She is happy to sell them out at $7.50 each as a single buy to one person. First in, best dressed I think in this scenario. Please email me on admin@suzyhausfrau.com.au and I will pass on your details.

Her stash includes 20 balls made up of:

  • 2 x Supersoft Robins Egg lot 41584
  • 2 x Supersoft Aquamarine lot 31478
  • 2 x Supersoft Cloudberry lot 41666
  • 2 x Supersoft Flannel Grey lot 31759
  • 2 x Supersoft Silver Grey lot 41658
  • 2 x Supersoft Willow 20672
  • 2 x Supersoft Black lot 31762
  • 2 x Supersoft Saffron lot 41426
  • 2 x Samarkand Antimony lot 7773
  • 2 x Supersoft Litchen lot 7785
You should be able to see all of the colours over in the store.
suzy xoxo

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