Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well I'm back at my new love, the overlocker, today constructing of all things - jocks! Believe it or not! Hence the title socks'n'jocks. No I'm not sewing socks as well, but it has got me to wondering about socks and how many people these days actual bother to make a sock or darn a holey sock. I've inherited this cute little mushroom critter which I assume is for darning socks, but I don't think I will ever use it. Just throw holey socks out I say. Should I be being a bit more savvy with my pennies with the GLOBAL financial crisis?

I'm already what some would consider a bit of a tight arse (TA). I wasn't always this way, but in the last 3 years since the arrival of the boy child and the emergence of my inner hausfrau I've found numerous ways of cutting the budget and allowing us to horde more money away, I guess for times like these. Honestly apart from the possibility that one or both of us could be jobless (which I don't think is likely, does anyone ever I suppose) we won't be changing our habits to see us through the impending doom. Heck, we already bake our bread, make our yoghourt, sew clothes and grow some of our vegies. The man of the house has objected to my requests for a milking house cow - but we'll see. I even joined an online forum thingy to get more ideas to be a TA, click here if you're a secret TA.

Don't get me wrong I'm a TA in an odd sort of way, I can get the biggest thrill out of "saving" $300 on a pair of Bally shoes, will spend hours online searching for the perfect Furla handbag to spend my Xmas money on or salivate at the very prospect of being able to make wool jersey wrap dresses on my overlocker...but I still don't think I'll ever darn a sock.


  1. yes yes yes, just throw the holey socks away, how tight can the A get! Now making your own yoghurt... that sounds like a challenge, is it difficult? Will you post the receipe please? Does it taste OK? love Michelle

  2. Will do - when I make the next batch, probably next week.

  3. oooh you have to get posting some recipes - I should have known you'd have an icecreamy one for me!!
    Happy new year!


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