Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Well I'm back, sorry for the blogging pause, but I know you will all forgive me with the constant distraction caused by very cute newborn in house. My mum always said "babies are great time wasters". Funny thing to say really, but I'm sure you understand what she meant.

Well what is everybody planning this New Year's Eve. The man of the house and I never usually go out, and this year is no exception. Honestly we don't even make it to midnight most of the time, and end up celebrating Fijian New Year or something crazy like that.

Tonight we will be enjoying another dish from my new favourite cookbook. This book is huge, some 700 pages nicely sorted into seasons and ingredients. It's the gospel according to Maggie! What's on the menu you say? Chicken breasts with rosemary, pine nuts and verjuice, accompanied with some creamy mashed tatters and fresh green beans courtesy of my vegie patch! Followed by the best 3 yr old desert ever - vanilla ice cream in a cone.

Sometime throughout the night and timed between baby feeds I'll sneak a glass of this.......

which believe it or not was a gift from my baby shower! Thanks AP!

Love to hear what everyone else is doing this New Year's Eve...........and Happy (Fijian) New Year everybody.


  1. Happy (Fijian) new year to you too! Enjoy those bubbles!

  2. Hi there it's Michelle from the hills again. Happy New Year to you all too. Steve and I, since the arrival of our bairns, also have the best intentions of celebrating the stroke of 12 but never seem to be able to keep the eye lids open either. It's so hot up here, still 20 degrees at night. Hope you are cooler down there... in Canberra I mean!


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