Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bubblin' over with excitement...

Tacky title I know, but I'm soooooooo excited. Today I received a parcel from my MIL with some books and things that she picked up at the LifeLine Book Fair in Brisbane, she also included a scrapbook with some recipes that her mother had saved.

You see this week will mark a new phase in Suzy's hausfrau metamorphosis - I'm about to embark on the bottling journey. Bottling fruit, making pickles, preserves, jams etc. I'm most looking forward to making things like Spiced Cherries, to be served with vintage cheese - yum.

Anyway back to the scrapbook, it's full of these kinds of recipes........
but why am I so excited, 'cos look at the cover.....

this brings back so many memories of being a kid in the '70s. AND I even had this scrapbook...long lost, but now it's back. Yippee! Who did you want to be, the blonde one like I did?

So for the bottles, I have been eyeing off and communicating with the headoffice (via a work colleague) in Deutschland for these sexy ones, which in fact are very cheap compared to the Fowler brand, but once I add in the shipping it just doesn't make have ordered these
and all 60 of them should arrive this week. I've just come home from the markets and yep stone fruit is still there. So next week expect some postings on bottling. See you, I'm off to stare at my ABBA cover.

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  1. oh! i can't wait to see what you bottle up!! =)
    That scrapbook is tres cool ;o)


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