Saturday, January 10, 2009

What's your favourite sound?

After the preachy last three posts on how to do boring stuff like bread and yoghourt (snore I hear you say) I thought I would just post about something random to see what you all have to say.

A few years ago I read an interview with Hugh Grant (I'm a sucker for a stiff upper lip, an indifferent arrogance and an accent), anyhoo the interviewer asked him what his favourite sound was, and he had a great answer. The sound of scotch pouring onto ice. Yeah - baby I love that sound too. It actually would be in my top five. The sound of champagne corks popping is too obvious and cheesy, as much is I love champagne. And before you scorch me I'm not going to say the sound of my babies gooing and gaaing, because that would be cheesy too - and I want the sounds on my list not to be of sounds that come of out people's mouths.

Here are my top five favourite sounds......

5. The sound of pointe shoes on a stage, audible above the orchestra. Something you can only appreciate at the theatre.
4. The sound of wind making the leaves on a silver birch shimmy.
3. The sound of scotch pouring over ice (thanks Hugh).
2. The sound of my skis groaning in powdery snow, must be powder mind you. The sound of my skis scraping on ice is one of my least favourite sounds.
1. The sound of snow - this wintry blissful silence, particularly at high altitudes. Memory flashback - the view over the Aletsch glacier from the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland.
So what are your favourite sounds? - go on make a comment............


  1. The first lonely frog croaking for friends in the pond in late August. It means summer is just around the corner!

    When his hundreds of friends turn up though, I'm torn on those noisy nights whether it is my favourite sound anymore!

    I like your five favourites! And I'm with you on the scotch pouring on ice. It makes a lovely tinkle and crackle in a crystal glass!

  2. Here's one from my very distant past.
    I remember being delighted at the sound of a parcel being wrapped in sturdy brown paper in a very quiet shop. Don't get any of that, these days!

  3. when i am pee-ed off with the world or those around me i love to chop wood and the sound that the splitter makes when it blasts into the round on the first strike is the best sound ever... bye, love michelle


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