Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My favourite flower of the summer....

My snap'n'shoot Ricoh not to mention the skill of the photographer will not, much to my regret, infringe on the copyright Max Dupain
or Robert Mapplethorpe when I publish this post. The pictures that I recall from both of these photographers were of magnolias, mine is of my Favourite summer flower - the gardenia. What is your favourite summer flower?

Mine is also somewhat spoilt by the yellowing leaves in the background. I am trying to remedy this by a dose of coffee grounds and a thorough mixing of some Epsom salts. Helps relieve constipation in even the most stubborn patients!

Back to the photography though, this is a crappy shot and makes me long for the macro lens for our new Digital SLR - where did that Santa-man go?

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  1. magnolias are something rather special, aren't they? It's a lovely photo, really.

    I love my macro lense. It makes me very happy but favourite summer flower? I'm gonna have to think on that and will do a post accordingly.

    The word verification, I just noticed, is Thyme! I think that's my favourite herb.


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