Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well here I go off on my first vent... I love agapanthus plants/flowers, I know that they are really common and popular and they have been used and abused to the beegeezuz (@#%&?), but I still love the spherical shape of the flower, the stripey petals and most of all waiting for each bud to appear amongst the lush strappy foliage each summer. But I HATE it when people don't dead-head the flowers after they are spent. First of all it looks hideous, and secondly it is really bad for our natural flora. Once the flowers die off the seeds appear and dangle about ready for the next gush of wind to carry them off into our national parks. In some areas agapanthus plants are considered weeds, and I have even seen a variety promoted by nurseries as being safer for our local environment due to less seed spread. I mean there is a guy up the street who still hasn't removed last summers flowers and there they are in all their brown glory beside the lush new buds!!!!!!!!!!

I also love them as cut flowers, and have been known in days gone by, before I owned or had access to a plot of earth, to go night stalking and steal flowers from the common areas of the townhouses where I lived. Today I had access to my own patch and here is the result.
See my flowers often don't even get the chance to sit unsightly above the foliage after the show is please dead-head your agapanthus for my sake and for the sake of our environment.

Vent OVER and OUT.........................


  1. teehee I love a good vent!
    I haven't shortbreaded yet - i think I'll post it tomorrow =)

  2. now that's a vent. i don't know if steven deheads ours, but i am sure to ask him now... for the good of our surrounds of course!


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