Tuesday, April 1, 2014

suzy hausfrau podcast | episode #15 | organising your stash

Confession time...who knows exactly where every skein of yarn in their stash is? Can you put your hand on the perfect yarn for your new project at a moment's notice? Catergories for wool, alpaca and silk? Thought so…

Well today's guest has come up with a simple and effective solution for organising your stash.
This podcast includes specific tips for inspiring you to get your stash organised....a perfect rainy day project.

As well as being as organiser extraordinaire, Shelly from spincushions is a crochet girl at heart. although she has recently turned her hand to knitting.

You can listen directly from the mp3 file below or subscribe to my podcast in iTunes HERE.

I hope you enjoy this episode of today's podcast.
suzy xoxo

Check out this episode!

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