Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Have yarn will Travel - 3 tips for knitting on the go!

Over this holiday period, a lot of us will be travelling with our knitting and crochet projects. To help keep the stress to a minimum, here are three top tips to help you work on those projects during your travelling time AND while you are relaxing at your destination.

1. If you are flying, remember to check your handbag and any knitting bags in your carry-on for stray pairs of scissors that you might have forgotten were at the bottom of your bag. If you think you might need to cut your yarn during the flight, a dental floss container with a cutter can be stashed in your bag.

2. Circular needles (interchangeable or fixed) are easier to pack and use in confined spaces (airline economy class seats for example) than long straights, and also avoid you dropping a needle and having to scrabble under the seats to try to find it.

3. If you are planning on starting a new project while you are away, make sure you've read through the pattern and have a copy of it (or even two copies!), have all the needles or hooks required in the correct sizes, and that if there are any special stitches or terms that you have the details of those, as sometimes they can be separate to the pattern (eg at the back of a book or magazine containing the pattern).

Happy knitting and crocheting over this holiday period.

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