Monday, September 30, 2013

Everyone loves GREY | my top five

In all brands, all seems we all *LOVE* grey! Light grey, dove grey especially!

So let me feed your grey addiction just a little bit more...

1. Relax by Ririko (knit) in MillaMia Putty Grey
2. Cold Breath by Joji Locatelli (knit) in Quince & Co Osprey Kumlien's Gull
3. Trapeziod (of course) by Kirsten Johnston in Shibui Merino Alpaca & Staccato (both in Graphite)
4. Chaleur (of course again) by Julie Hoover (knit) in Cascade Eco Cloud Dove Grey
5. L.1. by Antonia Shankland (knit) in Shibui Linen in Ash, Ivory with a pop of colour

BTW don't forget that the DOUBLE DISCOUNT (20% off orders $75 or more) ends midnight tonight.

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