Monday, July 25, 2011

Winter vegie garden

After my wildly successful summer in the garden I was perhaps a tad overconfident about continuing the success throughout the winter. In the past I've managed broccoli and broad beans during the Canberrian winter, but not this year! The broad beans and snow peas are growing at a 'snail's pace' which is an apt description because the broccoli is forever being munched by the snails before it gets to any decent size. I've tried all sorts of barriers which work wonderfully well until you forget to put them on one night - and then in the broccoli G-O-N-E! I'm grateful for the leeks though, because they appear to be indestructible.

We had a very early start to winter so the plants never managed to get ahead before day after day of minus starts and frost. One highlight in my winter vegie garden is my forever producing strawberry plants. These plants have been producing fruit for well over a year, whilst it is only one or two fruits a week now it has been a continuous supply for little helpers in the garden. I don't think a single one has made it inside!

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  1. Don't give up! It is the cold winter. My broad beans and peas are the same - despite bokashi bucket juice etc, etc. Also, are you sure it is snails on the broccoli? I used a pyrethrum spray on mine and they have good heads now. You might not be happy with the low toxicity though :)


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