Monday, July 18, 2011

Fia Hat from MillaMia Wonderland book

I have been trying to remember to take the camera out with me everyday to get a good snap of the finished Fia Hat from MillaMia's Wonderland book . As I said the other day, this was my first attempt at colourwork/fair isle and I have to say that it was sooooo much easier than expected! Almost (I say almost) easier than colour work in crochet!! Today, we headed off to the National Zoo and Aquarium for some school holiday fun and yay mummy remembered the camera.

As you can see I haven't knitted the ties from the book and have been holding off because the flaps are a fair bit longer than expected. I am actually delighted about this, because it means this hat will be getting use for a couple more years...but as she wears it every day I'm so worried about her losing it I think that I will crochet her some lovely long ties. I will post details when complete.

..and have you entered the giveaway! One lucky yarn tragic will win a $100 voucher for use in my little store. Entries close midnight (AEST) this Friday.


  1. aaaaaaah she's so adorable!!! (hat's not bad too! ;o)) xo


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