Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A yarn a day (2) - Holst Garn Supersoft Wool

Day two of my Danish yarn expozay! This yarn is Holst Garn Supersoft Wool. Holst Garn is run by the delightful Helle Holst who was an absolute pleasure to deal with during our oh so many email exchanges...and then when I finally placed my order I received to my delight an email response something like, thanks for your order now please give me two or three days to skein it up for you! Now if that's not a boutique yarn I don't know what is!!!

I found Holst Garn through Ravelry and one of my favourite designers, Sanne Bjerregaard. The first project that I'm going to cast on is Mari's dress.
Now, Ravelry has this yarn listed as a 4-ply, but Helle Holst describes it as a 2-ply which it most definitely is. I think Rav is a bit confused as most people knit this with two strands.

So, details of the yarn are:

Weight: Lace/2-ply
Unit: 50g
Yardage: 287 m/314 yards
Needle Size: 3-3.25mm for single yarn or 4-4.5 mm with double yarn
Tension: 25 stitches to 10cm/4 in for single yarn and 16 stitches to 10cm/4 in for double yarn
Fibre: 100% wool
Texture: Plied


  1. oooooh this looks lovely!!
    May I say your photographer has done a fabulous job!

  2. Just to point out that "ply" has two meanings:

    1. The number of plies (strands) that make up a yarn
    2. The weight of a yarn.

    This can often cause confusion.

    One way to work out the weight is to check the recommended gauge given by the manufacturer against Standard Yarn Weight System of the Craft Yarn Council:



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