Monday, April 15, 2013

Orenburg Lace Workshop | a recap

Last Thursday I got up super-early and super-excited to be off to Sydney for an Orenburg Lace Workshop with Galina Khemeleva. Excited to be knitting ALL DAY, starting with 3 and a half hours of uninterrupted bus-knitting time! Seriously I've never been more excited to catch a bus.

Whilst I will probably never knit a traditional Orenburg lace piece, the primary reason I attended was so that I could grow as a knitter and expand my skills. I got all of this, but what I didn't expect was how the workshop would open my eyes to the advantages of continental knitting. Yes I'm a thrower, that is I hold my yarn in my right hand and 'throw' it over the needle. The continental knitter folk hold it in the left hand and it's super fast, and looks more intuitive to me.

This morning I asked my peeps over on Facebook if any had made the transition to continental knitting, and there was some great discussion and feedback. Click here to read it. It seems that this way of knitting has appeal to those that learnt to crochet first (like me!). There also was a huge interest in learning how to do this, so expect a lot more on this from me.

Galina was AMAZING, it was an honour to be around such an experienced knitter, and learn about the amazing women in Russia, and surrounding countries, who practised the fine art of this type of knitting.  

I may have even brought a little something home with me, to see if I'd like to add that range to the store...stay tuned!
suzy xoxo

PS: Excuse the photos. I was too busy knitting to even get the camera out of my bag!

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  1. I always feel I should be able to do continental, being a crocheter, but I've never really tried. I should, I guess!


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