Wednesday, April 17, 2013

magazine review | pom pom quarterly (winter)

pom pom quarterly magazine was a lucky find for me recently. Great name too! Love a good name I do.

(Cover | Moira)

pom pom is created by Lydia and Meghan, a duo of London based knitters who say that the idea behind pom pom is that although "knitting is super-cool...the way it was presented in the media, it didn't always look super-cool".  My sentiments exactly!

The magazine is produced every season, based obviously on the Northern Hemisphere.Each issue has several patterns, knitting tips, articles and even recipes! It's a keeper, or a collector mag that's for sure.

Today I'll feature some of the patterns from their Winter 2012 issue. which even has a recipe for Cardamom & Black pepper shortbreads. Perfect with a hot toddy, some knitting & a comfy couch in winter.

(Left | Brigantia gloves)


(Above | Norn)

(Above | Aurore)

(Above | Talia)

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