Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You get what you ask for

Tosh Merino light in Bloomsbury

I'm a hausfrau of action you know. Back in February when I did my little survey there was an overwhelming cry for Madeline Tosh. Customers wanted to buy it from an Australian yarn store at prices comparable to the I listened hard and ordered up. Then I waited, waited and waited some more. You've heard me say it - five long months more! Far out, it was really hard...because I knew that you would all love it and I wasn't wrong. I finished loading the stock up to the store last night and the orders have started piling in.

So far I have in stock:

...don't forget 10% off orders $60 or more and FREE shipping in Australia.

I'm going crazy now thinking that I haven't ordered enough, and that I will run out and have to wait another five months. I've placed an order already, but think that I will do another, but there are so many colours to chose from.

So if you were me, what colours would you order in the following ranges Tosh Sock, Tosh DK, Tosh Merino light and Tosh Vintage? Any other Tosh ranges on your hit list that you would like me to stock?  Speak up friends, now is the time. Please place your comment here or email me at
...because you know I listen right?

Tosh Sock in oxblood

Tosh Merino light in charcoal

Tosh Merino light in jade


  1. Jodi (aka Spud Farmer)July 11, 2012 at 8:39 AM

    Chunky is lovely too. Really if your offering yarn comparable to US prices and free postage Just about whatever you stick will sell.

    I usually buy in either 4 or 6 skein lots of a colour at a time and I've found that the stores in Australia who do stock MT usually don't have the quantities or colours I'm after.

    Very excited that you're stocking this, it's my fave yarn at the moment.

  2. I am so totally in love with the merino light that I am trying hard to find time today to do research into the perfect project to make something with it.

    Also in love with the sock weight.

    I bought some tosh lace when I was in the US last year. Have you seen it/felt it? Can bring it to show next time I see you (whenever that will be) - it's quite divine.

  3. Oh, dear, we're entering VERY dangerous territory here. x


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