Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bastille Day, celebrated with a guest blogger

Hello! Did you know that today is Bastille Day? Day of French Nationhood and pride. A day that does not go unrecognised in our home in Australia. We're not over the top with our celebration, sometimes some French wine or food - but acknowledge it we do.  You see Mr Hausfrau is actually part Monsieur Hausfrau (how's that for a blending of nationalities!), complete with five - yes five! - French Christian names.

This year I got to thinking about how much you all enjoyed the WWKIP guest blogger series, so I thought I would invite my favourite French blogger, that makes the most sublime garments, to introduce herself in this space...and she said yes!

So sit back and enjoy a little interview with Claire from nothing halfway this Bastille Day. 

Claire lives in Northern France in the Picardie region with her husband, and three gorgeous children 9, 7 and 4!


Do you knit, crochet or both?
I only knit, and sew too! I would like to learn to crochet if I had more time!! I dream about crocheting a bag for me.

Tell us about how you learnt to knit.
I am self-taught I began in October 2009. In fact, I wanted a cowl that was very simple but couldn't find it in the stores! So I decided to knit it myself, and I started it and learned how to knit from videos on the internet. There are a lot of very practical videos.

What is your favourite item that you have made?
I think it is the Rill Scarf by Miraim. L. Felton that I knitted last summer. It was the first time I used smaller needles (2.5mm) and it was a long and big project for me. But the result was just so gorgeous! When I wear this scarf, I fell like I'm carrying jewels. I also knitted a second Rill scarf last winter to give to a friend of mine.


Do you knit all year or just in the colder months?
Of course, I knit more in winter and sew in summer, but knitting becomes more and more the main thing I do. This is an addiction! I find knitting relaxing.

What are you working on now?
I'm waiting for yarn that I have ordered to begin a new test knit for Karen Borrel , which is a beautiful little pullover for my youngest son.  Whilst I'm waiting I am finishing a cardigan for me, Ochre by Veera Valimaki.


Do you think that there is a French style of knitting?
I don't know. I think French patterns often have classic construction, for example they hardly are ever written for top-down knitting. I prefer to knit patterns in English. I find that English abbreviations are more simple.

What will you be doing this Bastille Day? Will you celebrate it?
On this Bastille Day, I will be packing our bags because we go on vacation the following day for the summer holidays here in France!  But I'll watch the fireworks from the window of my house.

You can follow Claire on her blog or admire her projects over on Ravelry.

Happy Bastille Day,
suzy xoxo

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  1. Thank you so much!!! You chose photos of my favorite patterns! this is very kind of you to think of me...


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog...I especially love it when I get comments. Have a great day, suzy xoxo


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