Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WWKIP - Interview with Retro Mummy

This week yarn tragics around the globe are taking part in World Wide Knit in Public day (WWKIP).  I'm proud to be hosting an event in Canberra you can RSVP over here.

To help celebrate this wonderful event I'm also interviewing some well known bloggers every day this week at suzy hausfrau about what they have got on the sticks and their plans for WWKIP.  So make yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy today's guest blogger, Corrie from Retro Mummy (www.retromummy.com).

First up, do you knit, crochet or both?
I knit and crochet but knit more than I crochet.

Tell us about how old you were when you learnt and who taught you. 
I learnt to knit in primary school and also from my grandma and nana who were both knitters. I picked it up again in my 20’s when I was living in London and discovered Debbie Bliss and Rowan and I haven’t stopped since.

  baby kina

Tell us about what project/s you have on the go right now.
I’m knitting a coat for my little Elodie (Duck Soup which you’ll find on ravelry here and about to cast on a little pair of pants from MillaMia in some baby cashmerino . Pattern on ravelry is here.

love the neckline

Tell us about what project/design that you hold most dear. 
I’m super addicted to the Baby kina by Muriel. You’ll find it on ravelry here. I’ve knit 5 already and see another one or two on my needles this year. It’s a little short sleeved cardigan knit all in one piece and just adorable. I was just asked to have 2 of my projects featured on the ravelry project page for the pattern and was thrilled as I get so many requests online for the link to the pattern. Love it.

baby kina

We never stop learning as knitters/crocheters...helps to keep the Alzheimer's at bay! What is next on your wish list to learn/conquer? 
I really want to try some cables and also fair isle. I’ve always been a bit scared of them both which is a bit silly. I tend to stick to fairly easy projects rather than challenge myself but one day I’ll get there.

Just because we want to rid ourselves of some guilt... 
How many UFOs have you got in the cupboard? 
I have projects that go back to when I was pregnant with my first daughter back in 2006. I’d say almost 20 UFO’s hanging around. Just last week I pulled a pile together of them and it’s so embarrassing that some just need to be seamed together. So embarrassing!  

Could you open a yarn store with your stash? 
Perhaps not a yarn store but I could do a market stall with everything on hand. I’m also a huge fan of buying things when I see it and love it so the stash is a bit crazy but I’m working my way through it. Plus my fabric stash is much more crazy than my yarn stash.

...and because we're curious,   
Are you a year round or seasonal knitter/crocheter? 
Year round. I love cotton and knitting in summer and just love knitting all year round!   Do you have a favourite yarn or fibre that you work with? I love Debbie bliss baby cashmerino as it’s so soft and knits up beautifully.

What will you be doing for World Wide Knit in public Day? 
I’d always love to go to an event but I’ll be with my little family. I will definitely do some knitting that night as I usually do! I’m heavily pregnant with baby number 5 and having some baby under my rib issues so need to knit on a big comfy couch with cushions behind my shoulder blades! The things we do but that means I’ll be knitting from my couch. I do knit in public as I take my knitting to the doctors, swimming lessons, school pick up and anytime I have a few minutes on hand!  

You can follow Corrie  over on her:

Thanks Corrie!
suzy xoxo
PS don't forget to check back tomorrow...


  1. Lovely to meet you at SIT Renae, how fabulous to find an interview here with my best friend Corrie, a Canberra raised girl!! Love Posie

  2. What a great idea for WWKIP week of celebrations.
    I can not believe that Corrie has not ever tried cables or fair isle. I saw her as the knitting queen when I started off and picked up the sticks.

  3. There is way too much cuteness with those little girl knits. Gorgeous!


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