Monday, June 11, 2012

Reflecting on Sew it Together



So on Saturday I went to Sew it Together.  I met some wonderful, wonderful people and reaffirmed that this creative life is really for me.  Sometimes us crafty types live a secret crafty life, it's almost like a bit of a sub-culture...but put us all in a room together without our regular faces on and magic happens.

I also managed to spread a fair few yarn fumes around and taught two crochet classes - beginner and granny squares.  I came home with new friends, feeling absolutely inspired and these hexagon me-thingys that my Canberra crafty mates assure me will be my next addiction.

I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend,
suzy xoxo
PS: Don't forget I've got something grand planned for the blog this week, so please pop by when you can.



  1. That is a lovely pile of hexagons you have there.

  2. Oooh, I'm enjoying the hexagons too. I missed sit this year, sad about that. Good on you for sharing the crochet love.

  3. I really enjoyed your granny square class - and am very happy that I now have one ofthe most beautiful hooks ever :). Nice to meet you in such a crafty atmosphere

  4. After seeing your yarns, I could easily become a yarn addict!

  5. I enjoyed my beginners class! My sister visited today and coveted my gorgeous hook!! We'll both look out for future classes (hint, hint) :)

  6. So glad you enjoyed SIT. See - I told you it would be great!

    As for the hexes, let me know what size they are and I'll get you some papers to go with them. You coming Sunday? Measure the flat top side (so that the pointy bits are at the sides and the top and bottom are flat. Make sense?)

  7. Was great to meet you on saturday, and your class was great. I may become a crochet addict yet!

  8. Oh hexagons are so fabulous. Thank you for teaching me how to make Granny Squares Renae, love Posie

  9. So lovely to meet you face to face and chat yarn and patterns.
    Thanks also for the delivery of yarn on Sunday and chasing us all over Canberra.


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