Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winter solstice - my creative space


At 9.09am (AEST) this morning the sun was at the furtherest point from my little space on earth, the Winter Solstice - or as my mum would say "the shortest day of the year".  In celebration of this auspicious occasion, and just because we can think of any excuse, Sebastien and I decided to invite some of his friends over yesterday afternoon for a Winter Solstice Crafternoon of shrinky-dink fun!  Shrinking plastic is super-fun, and the mums were TOTALLY into it too!  Snowflakes, snowmen, winter trees, rockets, love hearts - and the cutest little BFF badges and necklaces for special little friends.

IMGP1735 shrinkytwo shrinkythree

Then I was lucky enough to have an invitation to another Winter Solstice event, a swap party with my crafty mates....this time preserves.  Look at my haul!


...and look at the party favours I got from our host Kuka. Can you guess what I'm going to indulge in on this cold, windy, winter, shortest day of the year?

suzy xoxo




  1. I was just wondering when the solstice is, I love the moment it tips and we start working back the other way :-) Love your shrinky dinks and solstice gifts!

  2. The shrinky dinks look like loads of fun. I am pretty excited about the winter solstice too, and our days starting to get longer again. We're only three weeks into winter and I am looking forward to spring!

  3. This is so cool!! Winter Solstice - boy did we feel that in Canberra last night, brrrr. What a fun way to celebrate it. My husband grew up in Summer Hill NSW & they go bonkers for the Summer Solstice. Love Posie

  4. what a great day. by the looks of things - those preserves look pretty amazing!

  5. Looks lovely.
    We had a very cold solstice celebration at school with soup, stories, lantern walk and a very, very muddy spiral walk. Much fun was had to celebrate leaving the darkness and going toward the light.


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