Monday, June 18, 2012

A wonderful WWKIP 2012

Hot chocolate Bowl WWKIP2012 

With grey skies threatening and cool winds on Saturday, the cozy cafe atmosphere was just the ticket for WWKIP 2012. Seated right near the door, our group of knitters and crocheters were quite the head turner for the other patrons. That's what it is all about, isn't it? Taking our craft out into the big, wide world...and turning a few heads!

Did you all get out in public to knit? I hope so. Please share any photos you have on a little WWKIP 2012 flickr group that I have set up.

A monstrous thank you to all of the wonderful girls that came down to enjoy the afternoon.
suzy xoxo

One row Lace scarf my WWKIP 2012 project 
This scarf is my WWKIP 2012 project, ravelry details here

Socks on the go WWKIP 2012 
Check out these cute socks...and stitch counter!

WWKIP 2012
It was nice to see some of my Kalinka linen in action...this is a Kage in progress.


  1. Love the stitch counter! So sorry to have missed the afternoon with you.

  2. It was a nice afternoon. Thank you so much for hosting.

  3. Was great to hang out with other like minded obsessive knitters!!


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