Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Figpote and yoghurt yum!


You know by now that I'm a big fan of preserving and putting food in jars. I just love it! Love the making, the learning...and my favourite bit is when you crack open a jar months later to enjoy.

This morning I opened a jar of Figpote from River Cottage's wonderful handbook, Preserves written by Pam the Jam as Hugh so loves to call her.  Preserving couldn't really get any easier than this.  Organic and sulphur-free dried fruit soaked in earl grey tea and orange juice, and sweetened up with a bit of honey.  Perfect over some thick creamy yoghurt. Man I even sound like Hugh! Do you reckon he'd give me a gig?




Just look at the russet tones on this fruit when I started the Figpote early in Autumn. I need to admit  that I've never been a big fan of dried fruit, but soak it away for a couple of months and yummo!



  1. YUM.

    i LOVE dried fruit. and fruit compote. wins on every level for me. ;)

  2. looks yummy! and BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Sounds absolutely perfect! Thanks for the heads up :) I love yoghurt, dried fruit and earl grey but never thought to put the combo together. I love my River Cottage bread book. Looks like this might be one to add to the wish list too.


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