Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Something handmade from Mr Hausfrau

For sometime now I have been challenged on the hausfrau DIY front. Mr Hausfrau is developing quite a penchant for what I call 'whittling'. By no means am I being derogatory to my man, or how he chooses to pass a lazy Saturday afternoon. Au contraire! I am happy that the handmade movement is catching on at home, and that our children get to see, participate and enjoy the fruits of the handmade labours of both parents.

I will dedicate an entire post to the book that this particular project comes from...but here is Mr Hausfrau's latest efforts. A car ferry for the boy-child. It still has to be painted, but I was so impressed I needed to post about it straight away!

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  1. Fabulous - a new interest! This will open up a whole range of potential birthday and father's day gifts - not to mention that it is lovely. I was in Melbourne this weekend and played with a wooden tram where you lift the lid to find dowel-shaped passengers. Anything magic like that is magic for adult and child alike :)


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