Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lights, camera....but no action

As you know for the last couple of months I've been a busy bee preparing to launch my own yarn store, suzy hausfrau. One of the jobs on our list was to build a light box so that we could take the best possible shots of the yarn to make it easy for our customers to make their colour choices. Mr Hausfrau rose to the challenge and made a cracking light box out of MDF which I will post about soon....so here we are ready to go. Lights, camera, but most of our stock is still not here!

Fingers and toes crossed that it is picked up today and will be here by the end of the week - the waiting is sooooo exhausting! In the meantime, here are some of the test shots that we took with Mr Hausfrau's magic light box...


  1. Loving your work Suzy. I must tell you, I am becoming increasingly inclined to take some sewing classes while I am on maternity leave this time! Only 8 weeks to go until I finish work. Wohoo!

  2. That Mr Hausfrau is very clever! Gorgeous pics - can't wait to see the stock when it arrives! x


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