Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some winter colour

I think that the humble old cyclamen is one of winter's true winners. It stands up to enormous punishment. This one here is in an exposed part of our front porch and withstands the frost on most winter mornings, and then is in full sun for at least half the day.

If that isn't enough, you could even bring them inside for a splash of colour and they would still be OK....though I find that they do best if they are put to 'bed' back out in the cold each night. Some varieties (including this one above) have the most delicate scent, you have to get close and personal with your plant though, but it is worth it. I give this one a good sniffing at least a couple of times a day!


  1. I love cyclamen. I got two when I was sick, but one is already dead :( I suspect it didn't like being indoors. the other is newer, and hanging on. I might repot it and ponk it on the front step.

  2. Oh! This always reminds me of when my baby girl was born. I was given a pot in hospital. They were just beautiful!


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