Thursday, March 19, 2009


After a LONG hiatus, I'm finally doing some crochet. It's not for lack of want mind you. The cold weather is on its way for us here and I need to get cracking on some wintry blankets, jumpers and clothes for the little ones. First project is this blanket found on Ravelrey. I'm making mine a fair bit larger so that it will fit across the cot when the girl-child moves into there. It should also do nicely in her bassinet, but may be too big for a pram blanket. Oh well will have to make another one for that! I made the trek down to Spotlight this week and found this gorgeous yarn. As is usual for Spotlight nothing had a damn price, the shelves were in total disarray so I had no idea how much it was. $11.95 a freakin' ball! I should have known when Patons call the yarn Merino DELUXE. Actually that's what the Spotty chick said to me, well I wouldn't have to guess lady if your shop was organised!! So dilemma, you're at the register you've just waited 20 minutes to get to the top of the queue and $11.95 a freakin' ball! It is 20% off day you tell yourself, the girl-child is starting to look hungry and there is about 10 000 people in the queue that you have just you buy it. Justify that this is the first thing you've made for the baby, she's worth it, bla bla bla.

Then you get home, start said project, make it bigger than pattern suggests and you will need more yarn...a postcard arrives from Spotties enticing you to spend $100 and you will get $40 off! So tomorrow you will trek down there again spend the obligatory $100 on a few more balls, plus all sorts of crap you don't really need........aaarrrggghhh!!!

To the crochet maestros out there though, I need to ask, what is a "foundationless double crochet?" I followed the link on the pattern and even though it had pictures it might as well have been written in Finnish? I just did a chain first row, then dc for the second row (American DC that is), but I think that foundationless or whatever DC might have been better, because I tend to make that first chain row too taut and the blanket has a bit of a bow in it. Any help greatly appreciated, and if you want to rant about Spotties too that would be better!


  1. It's also called a "foundation double crochet". I assume it's a US pattern? Which means a single crochet in Aussie terms.

    But I digress.

    It's a bit tricky to describe, but the only chains you do to start with are the first 4, then you do a dc into the first chain, and then you keep putting a dc into the bottom of each previous dc. The argument is that it makes for a stretchier first row.

    I'll show you on Sunday, if you like.

    Of course, you could always do the first row of chain with a bigger hook. Works for me!

    And that yarn is REALLY pretty. Of course girl-child deserves it! And so do you.

  2. Thanks Michelle, that will be great. I'm at the point now of do I go on, or do I unravel and restart. I think I'll unravel 'cos it will annoy me for years to come!


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