Sunday, March 15, 2009

One beautiful autumn day...

Well today was just gorgeous. Blue skies, about 22 degrees and a very slight breeze. A perfect autumnal day...perfect for gardening. The boy-child and I decided to remove most of the summer hangers on, to be perfectly honest a 3yr old has no concept of gardening and just agrees with everything I suggest. A state I'm sure will continue long into the teenage years.

Back to the gardening...most of the tomatoes were pulled and strung upside down presumably to allow the moisture that is in the vines to go to the remaining fruit so that they continue to ripen. I first heard Maggie Beer talk about such an escapade, but this is the first time I have tried it. I like the look of the flash photo in this...makes it seem so dramatic!Here are the few loose tomatoes that didn't make the hanging ritual, and some beans! I haven't harvested a single bean for like a month or more, because the trellis was overcome with some nasty pest/disease and no amount of organic oil spray, molasses spray or hosing off could bring it back to life. Can you imagine my surprise today when removing Jack's beanstalk from the trellis I found these magical green surprise! Goes with the tacky green kitchen bench.

So what did I put in their place - broccoli, snow peas, silverbeat, lettuce and pak choy...don't you just love how the seasons go round. At least one good reason to live in Canberra!

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  1. lovely!!!
    I put in broccoli and cauli last weekend and spinach this week - and so far so good =)


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