Thursday, March 12, 2009

All work & no play makes Suzy a dull dull hausfrau...

Help! I'm at great risk of professional Suzy overtaking Suzy Hausfrau! In the last week I've had to submit more examination material for professional Suzy, as well as write a 3000 word job application. Yes I know I'm on maternity leave - that's why I need help. I haven't achieved nearly as much fun stuff as I thought I would...but here is a little project that I have been wanting to do for ages. You know those projects that you put off and when you get around to them they take maybe 15 mins and you wonder why it took you 6 months to get there...

Sometime ago I found a pattern for a pocket tissue cover (doesn't it peeve you when you can't find the damn link again - will post it when I do). I thought them very cute and went a slight bit overboard making about 20 of the suckers. Well I was pregnant and they take 10 mins each. They make great pressies and you even may remember I included one (plus a coin purse to match) with each of the Amy Butler Frenchy Bags that I made as Christmas gifts . Well the man of the house requested a larger version for the car...and ta da here 'tis. The big and small of it........

This hopefully will save me having to search around one handed, whilst driving, for the squashed and tatty tissue box that lurks in the foot well behind me when the boy-child has lovely snail trails descending from his nose! Yes, you can buy some squishy packet ones at the supermarket, but I refuse to pay twice as much for half the tissues - TA!!!!


  1. haha cute!! =)
    (and a great on the go booger solution!)

  2. They are very cute - and what a great idea!

    It sucks that you have to work during your mat leave - hope it eases up soon!

  3. These are too cute,

    we love cool things like this at Handmade.

    P.S just found you clever people on Brown Owls, I cannot believe I have not come across you lll before.



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