Thursday, March 5, 2009

Couture Reading!

They're here! I waited and waited everyday for my favourite aussie post boy to arrive, and he did. Amazon sometimes take FOREVER to get the books to you. I had to order a reference text for my other alias, professional suzy, and I let my mouse do the walking, and ended up ordering FIVE, yes FIVE, crafty books. I even got a shock when I opened the box, and had a momentarily guilty thought that I'd overdone it, but it was like a nano-moment. Plus I picked up my second BWOF (Burda World of Fashion) at Borders on the weekend. Trying to subscribe to BWOF is just ridiculous, my two emails to Germany still remain unanswered and I did find that you could get it through isubscribe in Australia, but at the newsstand price - nuts! I could subscribe but how would that give me an excuse to go to Borders once a month.

So on with the reading, I will post about each book as I complete my more thorough perusal. Two of them are general reference texts, which have already provided to be useful in some sewing completed yesterday. Although I know how to sew in essence, I think that a combination between how your mama did it, and some good reference texts will be good. Cos' sadly for me my mama isn't here anymore.

Don't ask me to show the sewing yesterday, it's just some more jocks for the man of the house - yawn!

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  1. I have Fast Fit and it's fantastic. Bron has borrowed it for the moment.

    I wasn't much into sewing when mum made all my clothes, so I have no idea how she fitted things to my sway back and my long body. And it's been so long since she sewed anything besides quilts, I'm not too sure she'd be any help!


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