Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Suzy makes Jelly too!

Well I'm in full hausfrau mode this morning. Dishes done, beds made, washing done...and some preserving to boot!

Although I wasn't very successful back in January with the straight preserving of stone fruit, the jam that I made was awesome. Yeah I know I sound up myself but I don't care. One of the books that I read to start me on my preserving journey was this one by Sally Wise.

This morning I made the Apple & Mint Jelly and it looks great, tastes fairly sweet so will post once we do the great taste test tonight with some sumptuous lamb. Although I am now rather suspicious about the colour of store bought mint jelly, it is almost fluro green compared to mine. The mint in my version isn't added until after cooking, but the mixture is still hot so it will dull the brightness of the herb. Me thinks food makers add colouring! It must be the week for jelly though, Kuka has made some Chili Jelly too - check it out here.

While I'm on the subject of lamb, I don't understand why it is so expensive these days. Even damn lamb shanks! For those in the Canberra area I've been buying mine direct from the farmer. Check out his website. The lamb is divine, organic and for $185 you can buy a whole one. But last Sunday I had no back strap or fillet left so had to buy it at the normal markets - 27 bucks a kilo - I nearly passed out!

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  1. Jelly sounds good. mmmm. Like you, we've been eating that fantastic biodynamic lamb from Vince. It is absolutely the best lamb I've ever eaten. He's quite a character as well. That mint jelly will be beautiful with lamb.


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