Sunday, February 1, 2009

She's mad I tell you...

Well that's what they will be saying about me for making jams and preserves in 35 degree heat. But the man of the house made the trek to the farmer's markets yesterday to get the goods, and the shiny new Bell Mason jars were in the corner saying "fill me, fill me", so I had to oblige.

I did have a little help for the Sunday session, as I had never made jam before a couple of work people came over, one to help and one to talk. But was happy to have the talker here as she arrived with a bottle of ABSOLUT in hand (and a Tonka for the boy!). The plum jam is just to die for, haven't eaten the strawberry yet. BUT......

The preserved peaches and nectarines not so good. The fruit has floated to the top of the bottle, leaving an unsightly gap at the bottom of the jar. They are still edible, but half of the fun was going to be looking at pretty rows of preserved fruit. It can't be that the syrup is too heavy as I made the lightest version. Can anyone help me? PLEASE! I have 3 more kgs of fruit to jar and I want it to look purty.


  1. can't help you on the preserving sorry - I'm sure google has some answers!

    Our plums are nearly ready for using and I can't wait. Last year we did it for the first time and it was so fun - although we ended up loving the plum sauce we made more.

  2. Do you have Mad Frau's disease? :-)


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