Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally - some needle and thread

Well the girl-child is suspiciously becoming much like the boy-child was as a baby. Sleeps at night, but cat-naps during the day. Now I know most mothers would lynch me for complaining about a child that can sleep 6-8 hours at night from the age of 6 weeks (3 weeks for her brother), BUT it does get tiresome feeding ALL day and a little one that won't let you do a damn thing. But she IS cute - see........Today I managed to steal some time and finish a WIP which was actually last touched the night before I had said girl-child. It is another bib made in the Michael Miller "Dick & Jane" fabric range and the pattern ceremoniously flogged from here.

I am still troubled by attaching binding to a curved edge. I did find a tutuorial on the Angry chicken blog which allowed me to vastly improve, but I don't think the latest version (the yellow fabric) will be gifted. I did gift one of these a few months ago before my sewing improved and I developed a distaste for the "stitch police" commenting on my work. Well in a few months when she has taken to spilling food it won't really matter.

1 comment:

  1. the ARE NO stitch police!!! hehe
    I love these fabrics - and that pattern is so cute.
    I wonder if it could be upsized for an adult on laksa night? ;o)


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