Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How many shoes do you have?

Well it has been a little time since my last post...and STILL NO SEWING is happening. I had forgotten about how demanding a non-day sleeping little baby could be when I dreamt about all of the sewing, cooking, gardening that I could get done this year. I have also been submitting examination material for my other alias - professional suzy so I have been productive, but just not with fun stuff!

I have found that I am developing a serious addiction to Polyvore - thanks kuka! But on a serious note it is something that I can do one handed while breastfeeding and it is helping me sort out what fabulous garments I will sew once I drop some more baby fat. So to be perfectly honest I am being quite Trinny and Susannah about it all and "planning" my wardrobe.

I have found a lot of bloggers out there that sew just so beautifully and I am aspiring to do just the same. I've ordered a heap of books from amazon (where are they.......) and will review them after they have arrived and been digested, and I'm doing lots of online reading. One interesting post that I found is about different presser feet - who ever knew. Some of them sound so great, like the blind hem foot, binding foot and ruffle one. This blogger even has attached online tutorials for each foot. How many shoes do you have?
So whilst I am engrossed in my "research" phase I still want to sew something, so I picked up this pattern on the weekend, and hopefully have enough of the cute double sided Japanese linen left to make one for the girl-child. Not sure on the size though, as winter approaches she could wear a shirt underneath - but I think it would be much cuter for a summer outfit. Whaddayallthink?

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  1. Oooh, I picked up the exact same pattern last week too! Hmmm, sew along?

    And I'm off to check out those presser feet - I want the bias bining one *now* cos Im soooo rubbish at that!


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