Sunday, February 8, 2009

The garden (and I) just want it to STOP!

It has been hot hot hot here, today hopefully is the last day of 40 odd degrees. It has been hot for over a week. Everything is suffering the garden, the children, mummy, daddy, doggie, kitty - not necessarily in that order of course. The garden has managed to give us some goodies this week - a few beans (resurrected back from some strange minute white moth), the tomatoes which are actually relishing the heat and the tiniest french breakfast radishes and if you look ever so close one weany shallot/spring onion.

So despite my best intention sewing has been OFF the agenda, too damn hot! Putting the "mad frau" comment from the mysterious Paul aside, I have continued to make some jam rather than let the fruit go to waste. This morning's efforts yielded some yummy strawberry jam.

Back to the sewing though, I am excited because I have just bought my first Burda World of Fashion, BWOF to those in the know. Despite enquiring about a subscription through the website, which STILL remains unanswered, I was undeterred and yesterday as we sought refuge from the heat in Borders I picked up my first copy. It's soooooooo lovely and although it is 4 months out of date, it's not so bad for me as I don't intend on sewing much for the immediate post-baby bod, and fantasise about svelte Suzy clothes continuously.

Perhaps I should have made my BWOF enquiry with my hausfrau alias, then the good people in the muter land may have replied.........just thinking.


  1. mad frau... he he he... that was pretty funny mysterious paul. i thought queensland was supposed to be the hot state, bye love springbrook michelle

  2. oooh, I've been keeping an eye out for BWOF!
    My garden is just a disaster!!
    I've hardly had anything - it has just been too too too hot and dry to keep stuff going =(


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