Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A day to be

Sunday in the hausfrau household is family day, and also 'no-screens Sunday'. No TV, DVDs, computers or (if we had them) those hand-held game thingos. This goes for mama, dada and both the squidgets. If we can, we also try not to do any chores or boring household business and just hang-out together.

For a mama that spends a large chunk of her life on-line running this blog, facebooking, tweeting and not to mention the yarn store it is a welcome reprieve. But I do have to work on it, the switch off that is - electronically and mentally, and just be for a day.

So last Sunday we were just 'being' at the Canberra Airport Open day for a bit - enjoying the vintage planes, the mad-bugger doing aeronautical acrobats and hanging out was nice.


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  1. Wow! Who looks like his Daddy then?!


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