Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mama made March - week two

Week two of Mama Made'll see as you scroll down that we are missing Thursday and Friday - baby girl was sick and a bit too boo-hoo to pose for photos...but trust me she did wear Mama made stuff. Pattern details included in the link in each description.

Saturday 5 March - Sweeping the path in Mama Made shorts (a wee bit crushed after my nap!)

Sunday 6 March - In Mama Made cardigan
at the Kid's Day at the National Gallery of Australia

Monday 7 March - In Mama Made dress (Ottobre 03/09 #18) just home from school.

Tuesday 8 March - In Mama Made tunic (Ottobre 01/09 #7)
ready for school.

Wednesday 9 March - In Mama Made (actually refashioned) top. This was my favourite outfit from last winter, but the bodysuit/onesy was too short so I used my new coverstitch machine to turn the it into a top.

Saturday 12 March - Feeling much better in Mama Made shorts
and t-shirt (Ottobre 03/09 #32).

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  1. That tunic is so damn cute I want one in Michelle-size!

    Go mama! Go girl-child!


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