Monday, March 21, 2011

Mama made March - week three

Week three of Mama made March and the first of our "made especially for Mama Made March" outfits. There are a couple of duplications this week - the first is our new overalls, because they were too cute to wear just once, and the second is because we are not yet ready to give up our favourite dress of the summer.

Sunday 13 March - Enjoying some Sunday sun in Mama Made tunic (actually this was last summer's favourite dress which is now too short!)

Monday 14 March - Gotta love a long weekend and hanging round in your Mama Made nightie till noon.

Tuesday 15 March - Our favourite summer dress (03/09 #18)
on the way to school, today worn with a little shrug.

Wednesday 16 March - On the move in Mama made overalls, (01/09 #11) made from ever-durable Japanese cotton-linen blend.
Thursday 17 March - In Mama made summer dress again, complete with handmade bloomers by Aunty Cherie (image deleted).

Friday 18 March - Hanging out at home in the new Mama Made overalls.


  1. What a beautiful collection of clothes . She is a very lucky little girl :-)

  2. who is the fairest and most delicious little cherub in the town.... she is. well done mum. i love the spotty overalls the bestest! wow she has grown so much. what a beautiful little girl... like her mum, especially those eyes. love michelle from up here.


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