Monday, March 28, 2011

Mama made March - week four

Week four of Mama made March and the weather is turning cool. Some of the autumn and winter projects on my wish list will have to be fast-tracked, but in the meantime we are cobbling together outfits - albeit a bit eclectic on some days. We are also missing two days as Mama was occupied with the boy-child and his change of season asthma/croup.

Saturday 19 March - adding a base layer to Mama Made tunic/dress

Sunday 20 March - In Mama Made blouse relaxing at home with a good book!

Tuesday 22 March - In my new favourite Mama Made overalls, complete with matching Mama Made dress for my doll, "girl".

Wednesday 23 March - in Mama Made blouse under last year's favourite Laura Ashley pinafore.

Thursday 24 March - yay for staying at home...and spinning in my Mama Made nightie.

Saturday 26 March - fun in the park at Goulburn in my Mama Made tunic. I think that tunic's are wonderful, they turn a plain old white shirt and black leggings into a pretty fantastic outfit.

Sunday 27 March - helping Mama in the vegie patch in Mama Made shorts, note the grass stain on the bottom. Don't worry about the spray I'm using, its only molasses and water.

Monday 28 March - starting to pull at straws here, off to school in a rather eclectic ensemble, including Mama Made jumper/vest.

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  1. I love all of yur Mamamade outfits! They are actually quite inspiring. Do you have a pattern for the Tunic top?


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