Friday, December 17, 2010

What does mama ask Santa for?

My favourite house in the whole wide world is in Palm Springs, California and was designed by Richard Neutra for Edgar Kaufmann Snr. When I say it is my favourite, I love love love this house and the International Style of Architecture. This love is by no means a passing fancy, it has endured for nigh on twenty years now!

Mr Kaufmann must have been a visionary client and/or he gave his architect full reign, because 10 years prior to the Neutra house he commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design Fallingwater (below), which is one of the most significant houses of last century.

So it would seem that I am asking Santa for a stake in either of these houses....I wish but no.

Dear Santa,

Mama would like some lego of her very own under the tree this year.
Could you please see your way to providing her with the Lego Architecture set of Fallingwater.


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