Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gift wrap big bows - tutorial

Whilst everyone is in the wrapping mood I thought I would do a quick how-to for these easy big bows.

1. Find yourself some poly ribbon. I got mine from the $2 shop. I suggest not using a wide ribbon when you start learning to do these.

2. Make a circle and join the ribbon together with stick tape.

3. Wind the ribbon around until you have about 8 continous circles. Cut the ribbon and join the cut end with stick tape.

4. Cut two notches into each side of the ribbon in the centre as pictured below. Do not cut the notches too close to each other.

5. Cut a narrow piece of your ribbon and tie it on the notched piece with a knot.

6. This is the hardest part to explain, but I will try. Holding the thin knotted piece that you made in step #5 tightly in one hand, and separate out each of the "petals" of the bow and twist about 180 degrees. You may have to do this to each of the "petals" more than once to achieve the full bow look. It is worth perservering and learning this part as this is what makes the bow look professional and perfect each time.

7. And then voila you have your bow.

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